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Get Booked Stay Booked Method - Marketing for Massage Business
This 8 week home study course allows you to study at your own pace.

We'll go back to the basics and ensure you have a solid foundation, then I'll guide you step by step as you build a wellness business that you're proud of.

Local Search Marketing Secrets
Invisibility isn't a super power unless you're a super hero! Yet most businesses struggle to get seen.

The good news is you don't have to hire a guru, spend thousands of dollars or even be tech savvy.

This course will give you clear guidance to get your business listed on the first page of Google for FREE!
how to tape an ankle, thumb and finger
Sports taping is a great skill to have if you're a wellness professional or involved in sport in any way.

Discover how to safely tape an ankle, thumb and finger by following these downloadable, easy to follow video tutorials.
global wellness professionals marketing summit
In March 2018 Gael Wood and I hosted the highly acclaimed Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit.

18 industry recognized speakers, 23 presentations and 2 panel discussions.

If you're serious about growing your wellness business then you need to get your lifetime access pass today!
Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit Success Series - Books
These books have been compiled from selected presentation transcripts from the Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit and cover topics of mindset, confidence, video and online marketing and networking.

All content is targeted to the specific issues wellness professionals face on a daily basis.

Available in both Kindle and paperback editions.
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