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Living Life On My Terms and Helping Others Do The Same

My name is Tim and this is my blog

The world is a crazy place, right? Just when you think you've got everything straight... life throws another curve ball at you.

Now, I'm not going to bore you to death about the trials I've encountered.

I'm not going to whinge and whine about how hard my life has been...

Because I truly believe I wouldn't be the person I am today without the crap I've been dealt.

I got through, and all those experiences (no matter how nasty) shaped me into the person I am today.

Over the years I've learnt that no matter how horrific the situation, how gigantic the struggle... if you just have faith to face it head on and do the best you can, things will get better.

A sense of humor also goes a long way!

When my youngest son was nine years old he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

At the time I was travelling... A LOT. My work as a software design consultant saw me traveling to the States, Germany, and Asia on a regular basis.

Wanting to be by my son's side as he went through treatment and recovery meant making major adjustments. Luckily I worked in an industry where it was reasonably easy to pivot. I could work from anywhere as long as I had a laptop and internet connection.

I have to admit those seven months were a blur. I can't remember a lot of the details and that's probably a good thing... life went on.

When my son was twelve he came to live with me. All of a sudden I was a single dad. It was great, my son lived with me until he was 21 and moved out with his girlfriend.

But... it wasn't all plain sailing...

Just before his 16th birthday we were devastated to learn his cancer had returned. The next two years were tough... but so is my son.

I'm pleased to say that my son is now 26 years old and recently got the all clear from his oncologist. (Told you he was a fighter)

So why did I share all this with you?

Well, my son's health has driven my work decisions for many years.

I needed to position myself where I could pivot quickly and continue to earn an income no matter what direction life took.

My son is, and always will be my top priority.

Back in 1998, a software company stole an application I developed. They were under contract to install it worldwide. They secured a number of large contracts, then decided to keep all the money for themselves.

They ripped me off for seven figures.

Yes, I had a contract. Yes, I fought it for five years. But I simply didn't have the funds to see the fight through to the end.

Am I bitter and twisted? I'd like to think not. If that money had hit my account 23 years ago my life journey would have been very different. I wouldn't be the person I am today.

But being ripped off did leave a bitter taste in my mouth at the time. I went and worked as a software developer for an opposition company for 5 years before leaving the IT industry and training as a massage therapist.

Yeah, from IT specialist to massage therapist.

I specialized in pain and injury management and worked in elite sport for over ten years before venturing out and starting my own private practice.

This is where I learned the importance of marketing. Having great skills and a solid business acumen weren't enough.

So, I immersed myself into the world of marketing. I studied copywriting, video marketing, and the latest techniques in web design.

I built a busy and successful pain management clinic until my hands gave out on me. Seriously, it got to a stage where I was in more pain than the patients I was treating.

A local massage school threw me a lifeline and I took on the position of Director of Communications, where I was responsible for all the marketing as well teaching the business and marketing modules as well as clinical massage techniques.

Having seen many talented massage therapists struggle to build a sustainable business, I founded the Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit. The first summit was in 2018 and brought together massage and marketing professionals from all over the world to share their insights and experiences. The summits were very successful.

Over the years I've spent tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning and implementing many facets of digital marketing.

I had the highest ranked graphic design gig on the Click Funnels rolodex (until I broke my shoulder... long story). I've been blessed to have an amazing mentor in Kevin Anson when it comes to video marketing. And, I've studied copywriting and content creation from some of the best in the industry.

I'm still heavily involved in the digital marketing space. As CMO of Brushfire Unlimited, I oversee the creation of affiliate programs, marketing funnels and eCommerce stores for a variety of clients.

So, why did I create this blog?

Well, I wanted to bring you real-world, time-proven marketing information. There is a lot of content on the internet. A lot of good... and a lot of bad.

Why not short track your learning curve and take advantage of my years of experience. I'll share my trials an tribulations. What works, what doesn't.

I don't know everything. I'm still learning too.

So join me on my journey as I share what's working for me and my clients.